Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Starving Winds

All my life I thought about one thing –Myself. You could call me a selfish or an egotistic, and believe me, I was. Then came a change, a series of incidents that turned me into a dream-chaser, a sailor, a merchant, a prisoner, a puppet, a fighter and a hope for my family, whose lives were cursed by nature and tormented by an intoxicated king. 

Let’s begin this tale with the night when I left my home. The reason was simple; I had my own dreams while my father’s were different. Once at dinner, the debate for my future broke out. As expected my mother was at his side but I knew she too didn’t want me to get involve in royal affairs. “Those politicians are multi-masked people. No one knows what they think. They will smile at you, greet you and even celebrate with you. But when you turn around, they’ll never miss a chance to incise a knife in your back,” she always told me.  The dispute ended as I left my half-eaten dinner. I was so annoyed that even the scrumptious cuisine of my mother flavoured tasteless. I hurried to my room and dropped myself on the bed. Whether it was my determination or ignorance, I didn’t know, at mid-night I decided to leave the city.