Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Letter To The Other Side Of The World

Dear Dhyey,

It does sound weird, I know, to use 'Dear' before your name, but trust me, I am still suppressing my urge to use the titles we normally share. Those titles which makes us a bit uncivilized, but at the same time, the same titles projects the level of our friendship.

It's your B'day and all I wish come to your home and gift you your deserved kicks. 

But Canada is at another side of the globe. Even if I take a flight at this moment, I may reach there after your b'day. So I skipped that idea, may be in the coming decade. Anyways, there is something I really need to tell you on this b'day.

It was your passion for dance and my interest in theaters that pulled us to ADIT's auditorium. Luckily, I met several great humans on that stage. I'll speak about them later, but at this time, I am going to focus the spotlight upon you.

There were times I noticed you were not comfortable with some moves of the dance. Frustration was masking over your face. I don't know if you still have a memory of that day, but I came to you, and sat quietly near you. You were at a corner of the stage, your arms locked around your knees. The canes (dandiyas) were taking a rest after an energy-draining rehearsal beside you. I wanted to say something motivating to you at that moment. "Because of me the whole team's performance is affecting," you whispered. In the next instant, you were on your heels and my words remained within me. You crossed the stage, leaping the half-dead performers who were gasping for air, stepped down, then climbed to the exit of the auditorium. You looked at us, and then started practicing that particular step. You tried, you failed. You again tried, you again failed. But after few times, you started catching the rhythm. And everyone from our batch knows what the dance-team had achieved that year. That little struggle of yours to master that one step inspired me. And that is what I had learned from you.

There was a time in my life, a year ago, where I faced a situation which was new to me. You were there when things were worse. And you were there when things were better. Those phone calls, discussing the matter in every view point actually allowed me to take an insight of your intellectual level. I was surprised, impressed. Actually blessed to have you. A man is known by his perception. And your views regarding the most crucial aspect of the human life - the relations with others - are exemplary. Yes, I had learned that too from you!  

Not only this, but many things. The way you used to push yourself in every situation so that you can help your friends, now that is a rare thing these days. You took out time for the concerned ones and remained stick to your words. You expected the same in return. Unfortunately, only few understood the real person inside you. Only few could see the battle of emotions and passion that was raging inside you. And I am glad that I am one of those few .

Thank you for being a less friend, but more a brother to me.

Thank you for being that crazy person who matches my level of craziness.

Thank you for everything.

And yes, Happy B'day, bro!