Monday, May 5, 2014

King's Shadow - A Boy Who Was Banished

iar roused from the sudden jerk of a pothole, wincing as his head hit hard the cart’s front side.
            “Are those pots all right, lad?” the cart driver asked, leaning back worriedly. “Damn those soldiers! They have ruined the whole way!”
            Riar threw a quick glance to his companions – the earthen pots clattered like crickets back in response.  A shudder like that would have crumbled many of it, but the pots were seemed to be as stubborn as the cart driver. “Yes, your precious pots are all right.”  

        “Look again. I don’t want to deliver any shards of sand. Believe me, lad, Celberth’s merchants will not pay a coin if they find any of it misshapen.”

Saturday, May 3, 2014

King's Shadow - A Threat In The Dark

Throne of Isolgoth can never be yours, Kelin. It’s been three years that exchange took place, yet the memory of that conversation, his father’s words, were fresh like a recent event. No doubt, you are one of the best warriors of the kingdom, but son, the seat demands wisdom. And, you are not a worthy suitor.
            Lost in thoughts, with fractured pride, Kelin loitered in the long corridor, his hands clasped behind. A pair of patrolling guards halted before him. They bowed in servitude and continued their duty, distracting him for a while. He then realized where he was. Hall of Rest. Alcoves ran both sides of the archway, filled with human sized sculptures of his ancestors, the late kings and queens of Meral Isle. Between each past generation, braziers danced frantically, infusing life to the shadows of the lifeless.