Sunday, July 24, 2016

He is Magic! - The Story Behind His Name

15th July, 2027

“Why do you always bring me here?” My just-eleven-year-old nephew asked me, his voice defied by the wild Arabian winds.

I stared at horizon, where the abundant sea met the mighty sky, and wondered the same question. Why do I come here often?

“Uncle,” he tucked at my sleeve. “Can I ask you something?”


“What does my name mean?”

I looked at him and a memory when he was just four days old flashed before me. The evening when the family was discussing a name for him. “Naksh, you mean a lot.”

“I know that, uncle.”

“No,” I said. “I mean your name have many meanings. Your father wanted to name you as Yaksh, your mother desired to name you with letter ‘N’. Well, consider yourself lucky, champ, you have an uncle with some sense. I suggested them Naksh.”

“Cool,” he smiled. “What does that mean?”

“Great quality, prosperity…and many more.”

“Wow!” He whistled in surprise. “Never knew that.”

I checked my watch. It was time for the surprise. From a duffel-bag sat beside me, I produced a gift, wrapped in glittering paper.

“Happy B’day again, champ!”

“Wow!” he exclaimed in wonder. He seized the gift and started unwrapping it. “A book! Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone!”

“It’s your eleventh birthday,” I winked. “It has to be special.”

“But why eleventh?”

“You’ll discover it soon. And do you know, one of the meanings of your name is Magic.”


I nodded.

Naksh looked at the book and then at me. “What magic has to do with me?”

“Read the book, champ. You’ll start believing in magic.”


  1. Naksh.... Magical name... Magical personality.....

    1. Thanks :) He needs blessings from Uncle Ankur too.

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    1. Thanks :) Uncle Sankalp, do shower your blessings upon him :)